Today’s overview of news reports with links

Unionists united in opposition to EU draft proposals

Ulster Unionist Party response

Sam McBride: EU text would prompt huge constitutional change

Main identities in Northern Ireland are irreconcilable and it would be wise to stop thinking otherwise

NI customs checks still possible, Coveney

Teresa May rejects EU on NI

EU arrogance shows we’re right to be leaving
The rise of Juncker’s chief of staff and Michel Barnier’s skewed view of Northern Ireland show Brussels at its worst – Times comment

GB papers review

NI newspapers review

Stephen Nolan helped pull down Stormont, claims top SF member

Donald Trump has made March ‘Irish-American Heritage Month’
The White House said that it was “no wonder that American art, business, and public life are marked by Irish names and symbols”.

Garda to review 105 child abuse cases

Report that marriage rates among opposite sex couples have fallen to an all time low, according to figures released by the Office for National Statistics. The article quotes Rev Dr Sandra Millar, who heads work on weddings for the Church of England.

Report that seven pagan chaplains are being sought to minister to inmates at prisons around the country.

Reports that an episode of Songs of Praise is to be filmed at Bangor Cathedral but will feature a choir from a performing arts school and not singers from the cathedral’s own choir.

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