Archbishop McQuaid subject of child sex abuse complaints

Patsy McGarry of The Irish Times reported yesterday:

Two child sex abuse complaints against former Catholic Archbishop of Dublin John Charles McQuaid, as well as a separate “concern”, were brought to the attention of the Murphy commission, which investigated the handling of clerical child sex abuse complaints in the Dublin archdiocese.

One complaint alleges abuse of a 12-year-old boy by Archbishop McQuaid in 1961.

The complaints and concern were addressed in a “Supplementary Report to the Dublin Archdiocese Investigation”, published on the commission’s website on July 13th, the day it published the Cloyne report.

Archbishop McQuaid is not identified by name in the supplementary report but is described as a cleric who “has been dead for many years”. He retired in 1972 and died in 1973.

The Irish Times has established that the cleric referred to in the report is Archbishop McQuaid.

The Murphy commission report into the handling of clerical child sex abuse allegations in the Dublin archdiocese was published in November 2009. The supplementary report records that in June/July 2009, as the commission was completing its main report, it received information which would have “brought another cleric” within its remit. It was concerned that this may have been withheld deliberately and felt this required investigation.

The complaint concerned an adult who, in January 2003, complained to the Eastern Health Board that he had been abused by Archbishop McQuaid, and was not made known to the commission when the Health Service Executive discovered documents relating to it.

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