Church News Ireland – June 17

Image of the day – Belfast City Hall Day of Reflection

+People and places
Belfast City Hall to host a Day of Reflection
Major development at Methodist College Belfast
Irish missionaries call on Michael D. Higgins to visit suffering Christians in Nigeria
Mind Matters calls for contributors for Voices project
Statement of the Summer 2022 General Meeting of the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference
Applications for Belfast Student Accommodation at Koinonia House are open
Courage to lament – Belfast service
Cork, Cloyne and Ross Synod
Incoming PCI Moderator honoured with doctorate

+In the media
Why the Protocol status quo is not beneficial to Northern Ireland –
Esmond Birnie

+Webinars, music, resources, broadcasts, and books
Presbyterian Podcast – The General Assembly

+Poem for today
In Bewley’s Coffee House-A Poem for Bloomsday
by Malcolm Guite

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