Church pays tribute with ‘Wall of Crosses’ for Covid-19 dead

The walls of the church and parish centre in Balally in Dublin have become a shrine to remember the victims of the Covid-19 pandemic, Cian McCormack reports on RTE News.

The red brick walls of the Church of the Ascension of the Lord are decorated with over 2,000 palm white crosses.

The layout is not modular, though it is spectacular.

The crosses stretch high along the cylindrical walls of the church and parish centre, each one placed randomly from the ground to as high as the vertical limits of the buildings permit and their white colour stands in relief to the red façade.

They’re small little white crosses. These would have been what we would have used on Palm Sunday but Palm Sunday was closed down,” said parish priest Fr Peter Byrne.

“Because, each cross represents this grief – these ripples of grief that go through communities and go through families. I think we will need time to understand what this has meant.”

“First we called it ‘The Wall of a Thousand Crosses and a Million Tears’ to highlight that this was a place of grief. But it is gone to over 2,000 now.”

The crosses are a tribute to lives lost during the Covid-19 pandemic both in the Republic and in Northern Ireland.

“This highlights for us that this amount of people have lost their lives,” said Fr Byrne.

Report courtesy of Cian McCormack and RTE News.