CNI News Magazine August 11

Image of the day –

The Queen arrives at Balmoral for her summer break

+People and places
Cork Youth go kayaking
Killinchy Parish’s annual Livingston Days Festival
Trowel used to lay foundation stone returns to Aughrim church
Calry Parish walk for Kindu Diocese
Priorities Fund is now open for applications

Young evangelicals are leaving church – LGBTQ bias may be driving them away
‘I spent three days laid on my front – the only way I could breathe. I lay there and prayed’
London diocese reports rising number of candidates from diverse ethnic backgrounds recommended for ordination training

+Books, Broadcasts, Resources, and Webinars
Tour of Mothers Union founder’s church
C of E Digital Labs free interactive webinars

+Poem for today
Epic by Patrick Kavanagh, 1938

+Pointers for prayer

+Speaking to the Soul

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