Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance resource for churches

The C of E has provided a comprehensive online resource for its churches.

Whilst not being provided for use in other jurisdictions, it nevertheless presents guidance which could be used or adapted.

The introduction to the resources states –

“Whilst Government guidance has been revised to allow certain activities to take place in church buildings, it is still vital that the necessary hygiene and social distancing precautions are kept in place in order to protect the NHS and save lives.

“The information on this page is regularly updated, so please check back to ensure you have the latest guidance. When major changes are made, we will publish update through the Church of England Twitter and Facebook accounts.”

These are the areas and topics covered – most are linked to pdf files


Prayer and worship

Can churches open for individual prayer?
Can churches hold services of worship?
Should I wear a face covering in church?
What guidance is available for Holy Communion?
Praying and live streaming from church buildings
Copyright licence details for live streaming
What liturgical resources are available?
Can organists enter church buildings for organ practice and maintenance?
What do we need to do legally if we are not currently open for public worship?
Can we have worship outside?

Life events

Can funerals still go ahead?
Can weddings still go ahead?
Can baptisms still go ahead?
Can ordinations still go ahead?

Community Support

Can food banks remain open?
Can the building still be used for blood donations?
Can the building still be used for a night shelter?
Fabric and building maintenance
What advice is there for access to buildings?
Can clergy, staff and volunteers enter church buildings to prepare for re-opening?
Do we need to get permission to put social distancing or hygiene measures into a church building?
What advice is there for keeping the church clean?
Can construction work be carried out?

Finance and governance

How can my PCC hold a remote meeting?
How can we enable people to give financially to the church?
Schools, nurseries and youth provision
Can members of clergy and foundation school governors enter a school building?
Can church buildings be used by schools as a place of worship or gathering?
Can nurseries and early years childcare provision operate in churches?
Can children and young people’s activities start again?
What resources are there to help with resuming children, young people and families work?


How should we complete a risk assessment ahead of re-opening our church building?
What guidance is in place for clergy, church workers and volunteers who are deemed to be at additional risk?
What is the safeguarding advice relating to remote working?
What advice is available if domestic abuse is suspected?
Should we still deliver printed communication?
Is there advice on how to collect NHS Test and Trace data?
What advice is there for activities in church halls?
Is there any guidance on pastoral encounters for welcome teams at churches and cathedrals?


Conducting public worship
Legal questions on conducting public worship
Individual private prayer
Face coverings
Safer Churches – Helping public places to reopen safely
Holy Communion
Ordinations and Consecrations
Confirmation services
Pastoral encounters
Mission and ministry with children and young people
Outdoor worship and churchyards
Keeping church buildings clean
Opening cathedral and church buildings to the public
Opening church buildings for works to the building and interior (This combines Access to church buildings for building maintenance and Church and cathedral building access for construction work into a single guidance document)
Permissions for temporary works in churches and cathedrals
Pastoral support in the community including care homes
Mental health and wellbeing
Personal risk factors to clergy, church workers and volunteers
Safeguarding FAQs
Test and Trace


Church reopening poster (Word | PDF)
Risk assessment template for contractors and construction workers
Risk assessment template for reopening church buildings
Test and Trace consent form template
Test and Trace online privacy notice template
Test and Trace privacy notice template

Further reading

Churches’ community action
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Spiritual communion
Wellbeing of clergy and lay ministers
Holy Communion and the distribution of the elements

The below Marking our communities resources have been prepared by The Liturgical Commission:

Prayers of lament, thanksgiving and restoration
Re-entering our church buildings
Remembering and Memorials

Digital resources

See –
[[] https://www.churchofengland.org/more/media-centre/coronavirus-covid-19-guidance-churches ]