Photo above – John Dexter leads Living Worship in Sandford Church.

Living Worship offers useful advice to Parish Choirs

The first workshop of Living Worship 2020 took place on Saturday January 25. Led by John Dexter, conductor of the Goethe Choir and organist in Whitechurch, the focus was on Simple Choir Music for the Eucharist. The venue was Sandford Church, Ranelagh and organist David O’Shea accompanied as required on the newly restored organ.

Over 50 people were present and enjoyed a morning full of singing and useful tips on choir directing, choosing music and allocating vocal parts, especially when these were not available. John kindly shared some of his own arrangements with the participants and offered useful advice on various pieces from Thanks & Praise (2015). Participants enjoyed a mid–morning chat over refreshments before continuing to sing heartily for the remainder of the session.

Living Worship is an initiative of Church Music Dublin aimed at supporting music in worship in parishes. You can learn more about Church Music Dublin at [ www.churchmusicdublin.org ]

Lent reflections

For Lent 2020, the Methodist Church in Ireland and further afield have prepared thoughtful reflections, taking you on a prayerful journey throughout the Easter season. Rooted in the scriptures, inspired and informed by genuine real-life experiences both local and global these reflections are shared to encourage you in this Lent season. Sign up below to join our subscription list with an email dropping in your mailbox at 7am.
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CAP Fresh Start success

640 people were helped through CAP Fresh Start in 2019, and an amazing 136 self-set goals were reached! FreshStart is run by UK churches and helps people tackle a wide range of unhealthy habits, from cigarettes to negative thought patterns to impulsive buying.

Financial Times and Fresh Expressions

“The faithful borrow ideas from business to create start-up churches” … fascinating @FinancialTimes. Article featuring Messy Church and Church Planting approaches.
[[] https://www.ft.com/content/db766d82-41ef-11ea-bdb5-169ba7be433d ]

HealthCare Co-ordinator for Dublin archdiocese

Archdiocese Dublin is looking to hire a HealthCare Co-ordinator
[] https://dublindiocese.ie/job-vacancies/

Work experience in Geneva

Looking for an exciting work experience in Geneva, with lots to learn & exposure to @Geneve_int & worldwide Christianity? Join World Council of Churches ,WCC’s international, professional & creative communication team for a 6-month internship!
[ https://wcccoe.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk03c5o/ ]

 God in creation

Photo by PSNI air yesterday