A review of reports of church news with web links

Narcissistic church leaders
This is from Anglican Ink, which often traffics and in the alarmist and reactionary, but is actually pretty worthwhile. It’s about narcissistic leaders in congregations, and having encountered these personas before; I thought this hit the mark.

Priest and parish challenge gun violence
Article form Kansas City about a local priest and his parish standing up to gun violence.

United Methodist Church cannot move conference outside USA
The first General Conference to ever be held outside the US is being moved because they can’t find the facilities they need in the Philippines. The article also touches on voting irregularities at the special conference as well as some updates on the fallout from that meeting.

Anglican and Roman dialogue
Irish Times coverage of the ongoing dialogue between Anglicans and Roman Catholics

Australia on LGBT+ inclusion
An article from Australia on LGBT+ inclusion and one person’s particular journey

Call to UN to protect people with disabilities in areas of conflict
Church disability advocates from various countries have called for further action from the United Nations (UN) to protect people with disabilities in areas of conflict.

Thoughts and prayers
A really good article about prayer that starts off thinking about “thoughts and prayers”