No Christian justification for stockpiling food, says Archbishop of Canterbury

The Archbishop of Canterbury has urged stockpiling shoppers to stop hoarding food, telling worshippers there is “no Christian justification” for doing so.

After supermarkets up and down the country saw huge queues and rushes for staple goods such as toilet roll and tinned food, Most Reverend Justin Welby tweeted: “If you’re still hoarding more food and supplies than you need, please, please stop.

“Please think of others – especially the most vulnerable, and those risking their health to look after us. Leave enough for everyone. We depend on each other.”

The Church of England’s most senior bishop added: “And to put it a bit more strongly for followers of Jesus – there is no Christian justification for hoarding more than you need.

“As John the Baptist said in the Gospel of Luke, ‘Whoever has two coats must share with anyone who has none; and whoever has food must do likewise.'”

Several supermarkets have now announced restrictions on certain items and special hours for elderly and vulnerable residents due to the surge in demand for goods.

Most Rev Welby instead urged people to consider donating to food banks, which have seen increased pressure during the outbreak.

“If your cupboards are full, here’s an idea – take a few items to your local foodbank, or ask if your neighbours need something,” he tweeted.