Yet I still belong to you; you hold my right hand.
Psalm 73:23 NLT
Despite our behaviour, sin, and rebellion, God refuses to let go and discard us. In his book Lies We Believe About God (Atria Books), Wm Paul Young (best known as the author of The Shack, writes: “God is never disillusioned by you; God never had any illusions about you in the first place.”
No matter how extreme our behaviour, God sees our fractured humanity and has the capacity to keep loving us and waits to see if we will return to a place of repentance and faith.
None of us knows what life has in store for us. Life is neither simple nor straightforward. Following Jesus is no guarantee that we escape the worst life can throw at us. I realise that my feelings are no measure of the presence of God. For God is either present or is not present. God’s presence is in no way dependent upon me “feeling” such presence in my life. Faith is simply a choice I make and then a position I hold, throughout the experiences of life, even as the evidence before me may appear to contradict the reality of the God I advocate.
Children place their hand in that of a trusted adult. In time, they discover life is not in itself a safe space, and they become more cautious about whose hand they will entrust theirs to. In scripture, the right hand represents the source of authority and power. As I entrust my right hand to God’s, I acknowledge that God exercises authority over my life in every detail. It is an issue of trust. The journey may prove rough and disconcerting. It is your choice to trust yourself to God’s safekeeping. God’s promise is always that the destination is positive and secure.

How much do you trust God in the circumstances of your own life today?


Heavenly Father, thank you that I can trust you with my life and my future. Help me to stay close to you; guide me on the narrow pathway to eternal life.