Luke 24:48 You are witnesses of these things.
Advertisers realize that selling a product requires more than just a good sales pitch or a convincing product description. While these things are helpful, there is nothing like the testimonial of someone who has used a product and knows personally the value of it.

Yesterday was Ascension Day. It reminds us that Jesus’ disciples see firsthand demonstrations of his power; they witness his acts of healing and compassion and they are eyewitnesses to his death and resurrection. Because they have seen and known for themselves the good news of Jesus Christ, the disciples are commanded by the angels to spread good news throughout the whole world.

The word gospel means “good news,” but it is not simply good news. The gospel is the good news about Jesus—his life of obedience, his death, his resurrection, his ascension, and his precious promise to return. Because of what we know to be true about Christ, we too are called to share what we have seen and heard and know of him, so that others may come and see and know.

MOVING FORWARD: You have a gospel to preach. Where is your most fertile mission field?