A prayer

From the rain’s gentle fall
to the bubbling spring
giving life to the swiftly flowing mountain stream,
to meandering river then gracefully onwards
to the broad sweeping estuary
to reach the ocean’s mighty depths,
flows the water of life.

Lord, thank you for your gift of water,
source of refreshment, bringing growth, sustaining life.
For us water is freely available,
sometimes it seems we have too much,
yet for others there is too little.
Streams and rivers dry,
land arid and unproductive,
people longing for the refreshing fall of rain.
In this land of the mountain and the flood
make us mindful of others’ needs
and of those who work to overcome
the effects of drought on land and people.

But there are other streams
that flow from “the spring of the water of life.”
Streams of living water
filling us with your life and love.

Lord, fill the arid places of our lives
with your living water.
Refresh our souls.
Quench our thirst.
Bring us to that river whose
“streams make glad the city of God”.
That, drinking of its waters, our lives will
flow with the life giving waters of eternal life.

Then from us may the streams
of living water flow onwards and outwards
until all are overflowing with the water of life,
that we may never thirst again.


From Life & Work