Jesus asked them, “How many loaves have you?” They said, “Seven, and a few small fish.” Matthew 15:34

New to the church? Casserole. New neighbours? Carrot cake. New baby? Vegetable soup. Funeral? Fried chicken. For many of us, food is a kind of sacrament—an outward and visible sign of grace and hospitality, a way to express our love and care.

Food means a lot in Jesus’ day, too. Jesus amasses quite a following as he’s preaching and teaching, and as this particular day grows longer and hotter, the disciples begin to worry that they’re short on food. But Jesus, ever the gracious host, takes what the disciples have to give, blesses it, and instructs them to share it with the people. The result? Grace and hospitality and leftovers in abundance!

So it is with us. We live in a world of perceived scarcity, where we so often focus on proportions and percentages—how much to save, how much to pledge, how much to tip—worried that there won’t be enough. But then we meet Jesus, who instructs us to give all we have in service to God and neighbour. With Jesus as our host and our guide, there is always more than enough!

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