Psalm 80:5 You have fed them with the bread of tears; you have given them bowls of tears to drink.

No matter how earnestly a person believes the world is flat, if that person keeps moving in the same direction, he or she will eventually arrive back where he or she started. Willful ignorance is always upended by truth—this is the nature of reality. I think sin works much the same way.

I grew up unchurched and was a “None” before it was trendy. By my early thirties, I had failed in pretty much every way one can; my finances, my marriage, and my career were going up in flames. It turned out that being solely responsible for the path of my own life wasn’t an effective strategy.

My conversion was a gradual process and did not unfold neatly. Coming to Christ began in my realization of an essential truth: If there is purpose and meaning in life, it cannot be created wholly from our own efforts. Purpose and meaning come from God, and we manifest that in our own lives through perseverance in faith.

MOVING FORWARD: Do you know someone who is struggling to find purpose and meaning? Take them to lunch or coffee this week—let them know you are praying and that you care.