Prayer for the Table

Dear Lord,
Our tables are about to be set
for feasts and get-togethers
holiday celebrations and family reunions
memory making and memory sharing
stories told and laughter shared.

Around the table many will gather
friends and family
young and old
believers and doubters
neighbours across the street
and strangers we’re yet to meet.

Many will gather
in churches and community centers
hospitals and waiting rooms
some will be deployed in different countries
while their loved ones wait and worry
and some will grieve a broken relationship
while some will miss a family member
now residing only in their heart.

Around our tables
help us to remember
those who are hungry
in body and in spirit
those thirsting for a friend
to listen and hear their burdens
for those who desire relief
from fear and worry
keep our eyes open
to places in need
and people hungry
for peace and justice.

In our homes
help us to open our doors
extend our tables
open our hearts
embrace with open arms
all who come
and teach us
to be relentless in our welcome.

May we be fed not only with food
but laughter and joy
shared between generations
of families and friends
strangers becoming neighbors
and may we feast
on kindness and compassion
seeing with eyes of peace.

Our tables are about to be set
Lord, hear our prayers
the desires of our hearts
the fears and worries we hold close
the joy of being loved by you
who feeds us
and calls us
and welcomes us to the table of your grace
a table of forgiveness
and unending love
forever and ever