This is what the Lord says: “Do not act like the other nations, who try to read their future in the stars.”
Jeremiah 10:2a NLT

The future has always presented me with a challenge. I was often asked what I wanted to be when growing up, yet found it an impossible question to answer. Eventually achieving academic success and finding myself at university in Oxford, I simply followed my course of study, modern history, and at the end of it still had no clarity on what to do.

My father encouraged me to apply to an insurance company, but they rejected my application. I applied to study my PGCE to become a teacher, yet five universities turned me down. Then I applied to train as a lawyer, but again was told there was no place for me. Eventually I ended up on the road as an evangelist with Youth for Christ. This I greatly enjoyed and so began a journey in Christian ministry that continues today. God has his plans, which sadly my parents never understood. I am confident in who I am to God and who God is to me.

Each of us can lose sight of God’s best for us in the storms that accompany our voyage through life. Yet, that still small voice remains if we are able to discern it through the tumultuous events that consume our lives, many not of our own choosing.

Beginning a new calendar year offers a great opportunity to reconnect with God’s purpose in our life. Once we find it, we can discover an inner contentment. It is not framed around what we do but by who we are. I’ve spent my life wondering why I couldn’t secure employment, then pursuing ministry for my benefit ahead of God’s and finally finding my purpose which had been sown within my heart by God since my conception.


Do you find life confusing?


In the patchwork of success and defeat, disappointments and joys, may I stitch together through your enabling grace, a life with and in you.