Speaking to the soul

Rathlin Island

Show me the right path, O Lord; point out the road for me to follow.
Psalm 25:4 NLT

I’ve wondered many times what it is I’m here on this earth to do. When younger, I was anxious to realise my potential, assuming there was a particular path I must pursue. I never satisfied this inner demand that I find my calling. I had a low boredom threshold, so once I had accomplished something, I’d want to move on to something new.

It is useful to get to know oneself, since we’re all wired differently and realising our potential in serving God is directly related to our character. I thrive on change. However, I recognised I must deal with this insistent voice that told me my life added up to very little. Here I had the first great revelation since my conversion. God was interested in me, far more than in anything I did. It initially felt uncomfortable since it flew in the face of all I’d assumed about God’s purpose.

God’s way was simple. It was to get to know him better. So I became a better human being, available to serve in every situation, without seeking to place a value or meaning upon it. I began to understand Jesus’ ‘now’ message: tomorrow has no meaning until it arrives. How releasing this was. I was no longer distracted by my future, nor filled with regrets about my past. I was free to live in the moment that today alone offers; the only real influence I might exercise.

This is the path upon which I’m set; to discover God completely in the moments of my life as they happen, to be totally available to God now. This doesn’t mean I don’t fulfil my responsibilities. Yet every moment is impregnated with God’s purpose. I pray I continue to find it. Life’s purpose is no more complicated than that.

Listen to yourself. It’s impossible to be anyone other than who God created you to be. In going in search of and discovering, then being, that person, you will always find yourself on the right path for your life. The path God leads us along is unique for each one of us. We are invited to discover him on that path.


How are you wired?


Show me who you created me to be.