Job 3:20 Why is light given to one in misery, and life to the bitter in soul?

Over the years, many people have sat across from me and have said they want nothing more from life than its end. But the people who say these things in my office often want something else. More than death, many of them really want to be relieved from pain. They want to find help—to keep on living through disappointments, losses, and the other kinds of wild punches life can throw. 

So why does God keep Job alive when Job says he longs for death? Why does God continue to shine light on Job, helping him to keep him going when all is lost? 

Maybe God isn’t done with Job yet and more chapters to Job’s story are yet to be written. And maybe God knows that what Job really wants is not death but to be relieved of his pain.

MOVING FORWARD: What is the one thing you most want from or for your life? How can you offer that to God? Do you think you will feel relief?