Psalm 119:58 I entreat you with all my heart, be merciful to me according to your promise.

The news is on in the background while I’m writing this to you. The headlines keep breaking my heart. I keep waiting for something to crack open hearts, open eyes, unstop ears, lay ourselves bare to the call of God to do right by each other.

And then I remember: God has never left us, God has never not shown up. God has always been on time. God’s goodness and economy and grace and justice are beyond our understanding.

God loves us with an all-consuming love, one that beckons us to believe in the good inside each other, because we have seen and borne witness to God’s great love in our own hearts. We remember that this beautiful God judges us worthy of love and mercy, and we lean into the ministry of reconciliation to which we are called.

MOVING FORWARD: How has God shown you mercy most recently? How have you shown mercy to others?