Speaking to the Soul – March 3

Keep love alive

The Risen Lord said: “I have this complaint against you. You don’t love me or each other as you did at first!” Revelation 2:4

Many of us will be more familiar with an earlier translation of these words which ran: “you have lost your first love”. The truth is that the Christians in Ephesus had done so well. They had been strong in the face of opposition but, in the process, they had lost their love for the Lord and one another. And without love, everything is lost.

We don’t know what caused them to lose their first love, but we all know how easily it happens. The normal cause is simply distraction. Life gets busy and even the most important things can be crowded out by the business of everyday life. In Ephesus, the Christians had to work really hard to survive amid all the opposition. They had been infiltrated by false teachers, but they had tested them and found them out. The Lord commends them for standing up so strongly for their faith and particularly for the way in which they had resisted a group called the Nicolaitans. All of that was excellent but, in the process, they had lost sight of the love which they had both for the Lord and for one another.

The priority of love is something which Paul emphasised in his letter to the church in Corinth. Once again, it was a church where there was much to commend. They had received some amazing spiritual gifts. But Paul assured them that, however great their gifts, they were all a complete waste of time without love. Even if they could speak like angels, understand every mystery and had faith to move mountains, they were missing the point if they had no love.

Love is so important. We all need to keep on our toes and watch out for those things that can push it away so easily. Love is the key and without it, we cannot do God’s work.

What can we do to keep our love for the Lord and one another alive?

Loving God, thank you that you love me perfectly. Help me to keep on loving you and those around me, however busy I become and whatever the pressures. Amen