Speaking to the Soul – May 22

Isolated place

Early the next morning Jesus went out to an isolated place. The crowds searched everywhere for him, and when they finally found him, they begged him not to leave them. Luke 4:42

Jesus’ public ministry had only just begun, but he was already in great demand. People found his teaching compelling because he spoke with such authority. He was quite different from their Jewish leaders. And his healing ministry was also drawing great crowds, winning him much attention and admiration.

But Jesus couldn’t keep going without having time away from the crowds. Early in the morning, he went to an isolated place – and Mark tells us that he had gone to pray. He needed time alone with his heavenly Father.

We are all tempted to focus attention on our activity. We are eager to achieve things and make an impact. But crucial to our activity are our times of quietness and reflection.

We all have times which are so relentlessly busy that we may be tempted to see quiet spaces as a complete waste of time. We’re far too busy for such luxuries! But they are not luxuries. We all need time to stand back from life and gain a bigger perspective, and that is best done in the context
of prayer.

When the crowd finally caught up with Jesus, they begged him not to leave them. They could see how wonderful he was and didn’t want to share him with others.

But Jesus would have none of it.

He explained to the crowd that other people needed to hear the good news of God’s kingdom as well. This is the first time that Luke has used the expression “kingdom of God” (v43). In essence, the kingdom of God occurs wherever God’s will is accepted and his rule obeyed. So, as we head into today, our prayer must be that his kingdom will come in our homes, schools, offices and communities as it is in heaven.


Where are you able to find quiet spaces in your life at present?


Lord God, I invite you to be the King of my life. Help me to share the joy of your kingdom today. Amen