Stunning Tiffany window dedicated in Dunfermline

A window commissioned more than 100 years ago by the Scottish-American industrialist Andrew Carnegie has been dedicated in Dunfermline.

The stunning memorial to his family was made by Tiffany Glass in 1913 and was destined to be installed in the Abbey Church.

But the Commission for Ancient Monuments deemed the design too modern, and the window was instead first installed in Carnegie Hall in Dunfermline, before eventually being placed in the headquarters of the Carnegie Trust.

Following a sympathetic restoration, a century after Andrew Carnegie’s death his wish has finally been fulfilled.

Speaking to Life and Work, Nora Rundell, the chief executive of the Carnegie Dunfermline Trust, said: “Finding the right location for this very special window and unique example of Tiffany glass design has been a challenge over the years.

“When the Trustees of the Carnegie Dunfermline Trust looked at the possibility of restoring this beautiful work of art to the place where it was intended to be, in the historic Abbey church, they were delighted that the General Trustees were thinking the same way.

“The window is a direct link to the family roots of this world-renowned philanthropist who contributed so much to the life of Dunfermline.

“We are grateful to the congregation of the Abbey Church and the General Trustees of the Church of Scotland for their support and understanding in realising the dream of Andrew Carnegie himself.”

Its location will create the focal point for a new contemplative space which has been specially designed to be accessible.

Born in Dunfermline, Andrew Carnegie emigrated to the United States at the age of 12 and made a fortune in the steel industry.

Despite being one of the richest people ever to live in America, he is famous for giving away most of his wealth to charitable causes by the time he died in 1919.

The dedication ceremony was attended by Carnegie’s descendants, representatives from the US and Scotland including from the government and philanthropic organisations, and the public.

Rev MaryAnn Rennie, the minister of the Abbey Church of Dunfermline, said: “The congregation is delighted to welcome the window to the Abbey, more than a century after it was gifted thanks to the generosity of Andrew Carnegie.”