Summer Madness 2020 cancelled

Summer Madness, scheduled for June 26-30th has been cancelled, the Directors announced yesterday “with a heavy heart”.

They said –

“For the first time in 33 years we have found it impossible to continue with preparations for Summer Madness due to the Covid 19 crisis. This is very disappointing news for us all and we fully appreciate that hundreds/thousands of young people will be missing this very special experience in June.

“But please be sure we are already looking at ways of sharing in a digital format some of this year’s great content and thinking of how to connect again even beyond the summer!

“We will also be looking at the possibility of a Day of Madness in the autumn with most of the same mainstage speakers and a whole plethora of seminars and activities thrown in! And, we are also thrilled to confirm that Pete Grieg and Hannah Heather are already lined up for 2021 (July 2-6) on the theme: Pray Without Ceasing “

The SM Team concluded, “As we dream and scheme of how best to navigate the journey over the next 12 months we do hope you can be part of it. We will let you know soon how we might be able to support each other as we plan for next year and seek to recover from this peculiar setback.”