‘We have done it before, we can do it again’ – Archbishop Jackson on new restrictions

The best things we can do are the simple things

As increased restrictions to curb the spread of Covid–19 came into force at midnight on October 15, Archbishop Michael Jackson has the following message for the people of Dublin & Glendalough.

“As restrictions increase so does our anxiety, but so also does our need for compliance with national guidelines where we live.

“I want to congratulate all who have complied so carefully and to ask you to keep this going. As the State increases restrictions I also suggest that we all think of something extra we might do for our own safety and for the safety of others. Often we are told to think twice; we now need to think three times before acting or travelling.

“The enhanced Level 3 which is today coming into force will put huge pressure on those who remember with dread The Lockdown in the spring of this year. We need to be mindful of them and to care for them from afar.

“We are constantly told that the best things we can do are the simple things:

· wash your hands

· maintain social distancing

· wear a mask

· restrict our movement

· cut our social contacts by half week on week

“As the Chief Medical Officer said: ‘The Government cannot wash your hands for you nor put on your mask for you’. This is our responsibility.

“Christian people are out of their churches as other people of Faith are out of their particular places of worship and memory. We can play our part locally and nationally by living the great triad which represents God in the world: faith, hope and love in our everyday lives. We have done it before and we can do it again.”


Dublin & Glendalough