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USA Media – 27th February

Rapid read summary of church related news – short reports and links including:

Franklin Graham questions President Obama’s faith; Pastor ends rooftop vigil;  Mormon baptism of dead including Anne Franks

Franklin Graham on Obama and religion, Obama’s fundraising woes and more
Washington Post  – By Allen McDuffee Politico’s Arena asks: Are Evangelist Franklin Graham’s comments about President Obama’s religion a sign that religious voters are questioning Obama’s faith? Or will the comments lose steam before the election?

Also –

President Obama apologises for Koran burning
Daily Telegraph

Anglican Covenant tastes defeat in diocesan voting
Church Times

Anne Frank posthumously baptized in Mormon ritual – Mormons operating independently of the Mormon Church — and in direct contradiction to the church’s edicts on the subject — have posthumously baptized Anne Frank in a Mormon ritual referred to as ‘Baptism for the Dead.’ In response the LDS Church has issued its strongest response yet to the violation of its agreement not to do proxy baptisms for Holocaust victims who are not related to a church member.

What baptism for the dead means to Mormons
Washington Post – Toward the end of May, 1970, I stood waist high in water in a baptismal font of a temple in Hamilton, New Zealand, while the name of my deceased father was read aloud. Moments later, on his behalf, I was buried in the biblically mandated full-immersion baptism that is so powerfully symbolic of rebirth and entry into the kingdom of God.

Holy orders: Ohio church includes drive-thru blessing among annual Ash Wednesday services
Washington Post – The Rev. Patricia Anderson Cook of Mt. Healthy United Methodist Church in suburban Cincinnati offered the ashes Wednesday evening for people of all faiths beginning around 5 p.m. in the church parking lot.

Pastor ends rooftop vigil after donation from actor, director Tyler Perry
Chicago Tribune – Over the last three months, living in a chilly tent on the roof of a vacant South Side motel, there were several times when the Rev. Corey Brooks questioned whether his vigil against gun violence was worth it. He was often jolted awake by gunshots. He missed his son’s birthday and other family celebrations. He and his wife, who is afraid of heights, were limited to phone calls, Internet video chats, and a smile and a wave when she arrived at work at his church across the street.,0,701016.story