Christians condemn ‘reckless’ cuts to UK’s foreign aid

Christians have expressed disappointment after the UK government won a vote in the Commons to keep international development spending at 0.5% of national income.

Churches warn of upset at UK Government’s decision on Troubles-related crimes

The three largest denominations in Northern Ireland have warned the UK Government of the need to acknowledge the frustration, anger, and suffering caused by the decision not to prosecute any Troubles-related crimes.

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CNI News Magazine July 15

Image of the day - Castlerock, County Londonderry

CNI News Magazine July 14

Image of the day - Pope to remain in hospital

CNI News Magazine July 13

Image of the day - Irish hare, Rathlin Island

by North Coast Nature

CNI News Magazine July 12

Image of the day - Organ at St David’s Cathedral

CNI News Magazine July 10

Image of the day - Pope, Anglican, and Presbyterian

leaders marking South Sudan’s Independence Day

CNI News Magazine July 9

Image of the day - A Queen’s University dog

CNI News Magazine July 8

Image of the day - The Armagh Mace

CNI News Magazine July 7

Image of the day - Daddy has moved to a new parish

CNI News Magazine July 6

Image of the day - Baptism at Drumbo. Captions invited

CNI News Magazine July 5

Image of the day - Bridge builder award for

World Council of Churches

CNI News Magazine July 3

Image of the day - God in creation

CNI News Magazine July 2

Image of the day - Queen’s University, Belfast

CNI News Magazine July 1

Image of the day - Belfast sunset

CNI News Magazine June 30

Image of the day - Cork Centenary service

CNI News Magazine June 29

Image of the day - Ballintoy Church and

Rathlin west light

CNI News Magazine June 28

Image of the day - Lockdown mural from 12K+ bottletops by Ballymoney school Cork

CNI News Magazine June 26

Image of the day - Fair Head

CNI News Magazine June 25

Image of the day - New Lay Readers

CNI News Magazine June 24

Image of the day - Belfast Cathedral

CNI News Magazine June 23

Image of the day - New visitor experience at

St Mary’s Collegiate Church Youghal

CNI News Magazine June 22

Image of the day - New sign for the times at Newry Parish

CNI News Magazine June 21

Image of the day - The Chapel of the King’s College, Cambridge

CNI News Magazine June 19

Image of the day - All Saints’ Parish Church, Antrim

CNI News Magazine June 18

Image of the day - Irish Bishops’ Conference

CNI News Magazine June 17

Image of the day - Fund raisers for Gaza hospital

CNI News Magazine June 16

Image of the day - Refugee Week at Christ Church

CNI News Magazine June 15

Image of the day - the Museum Building TCD