NEWS – May 17

Willowfield Parish Church ready to open magnificent new facilities  -  Kinghan Church: Service of Celebration for 160 years ministry with deaf and hard of hearing  -  Girls’ Friendly Society to celebrate 140th anniversary  -  Large Congregation pays tribute to Former Dean of St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin  -  Labour waters down Northern Ireland abortion pledge  -  English Catholic Bishops emphasise protection of EU citizens’ rights in general election guidance  -  Scots General Assembly: Syrian Minister's travel ban overturned -  Today in Christian History.  Click here -  CNI -NEWS, MAY 17

News update at 7.00 pm

Six news briefs from Ireland and beyond

CNI MEDIA REVIEW , May 17 @ 10.00 am

Irish, UK and global review. CLICK HERE - CNI -MEDIA REVIEW, MAY 16

NEWS – May 16

Schools Choir of the Year a success at Belfast Cathedral  -  Inter-church street by street outreach in Bangor West  -  Lisburn cathedral big breakfast fundraiser for Ugandan children  -  Down & Dromore kids get “Powered Up” for praise party  -  Belfast service marks International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia  -  A quarter of ‘non-religious’ Britons admit to praying  -  Seafarer mental health branded 'a serious concern'  -  Today in Christian History. Click here -  CNI -NEWS, MAY 16

CNI PRESS WATCH – Brexit will not break up the Union

Covers a range of key points: EU funding to Northern Ireland represents 1 per cent of Westminster funding; EU policy and Trump will attack companies using sweetheart tax deals in Republic hitting the Irish economy hard. Queen's University Professor Paul Bew, an influential member of the Lords, writes for Policy Exchange. CLICK HERE - CNI -PRESS WATCH, MAY 16

MEDIA REVIEW – May 15 @ 10.00 am

Education strike warning in NI, Corks Jews, Rise in C of E church attendances, Fatima. Click here - CNI -MEDIA ,MAY 15

NEWS – May 15

Beatification of John Sullivan highlights need for reconciliation and God’s grace in Ireland, C of I archbishop  -  Nigerian Archbishop appointed papal nuncio to Ireland  - Presbyterian presence at Balmoral 2017  -  Archbishop Clarke renewing Far Eastern mission link  -  St John's Church, Kilkenny celebrates 200th anniversary  -  New Book by C of I Primate  -  Waterford’s ecumenical Gospel Choir Sing For Sound  -  Archbishop of Canterbury concludes visit to the Holy Land  -  Today in Christian History. Click here -  CNI -May 15

CNI MEDIA REVIEW – May 14 @ 11.30 am

Today's reports from Ireland and GB. Click here - CNI -MEDIA MAY 14

CNI MEDIA REVIEW – May 13 @ 10.30 am

Today's Irish, GB and  international reports on faith, education and politics. Click here - CNI -MEDIA MAY 13

NEWS – May 13

C of I Bishop of Cork meets Pope Francis  -  C of I Archbishop to take part in unique beatification ceremony today  -  Memorial Service for Dean Victor Griffin  -  Bishop urges Christians to take part in Canterbury prayer initiative  -  Two day Kairos course at Castlewellan  -  Irish vocations link with Pope’s visit to Fatima  -  Justin Welby is a heretic, say breakaway conservative Anglicans -  Today in Christian History. Click here -  CNI -News, May 13

CNI Diary of events and services May 13 – 30

Short reports and details of events throughout Ireland. Click here - CNI -Diary May 13 - 28

PRESS WATCH – Why now? The deeply strange timing of the renegade conservative Anglicans

The leader of my Church is distinguishing himself in the Middle East. Compassionate, astute and politically savvy, he's meeting with spiritual and secular leaders in an attempt to draw attention to important causes, Andy Walton writes on Christian Today. Click here - CNI -Press Watch May 13

CNI MEDIA REVIEW – May 12 @ 09.00 am

Today's review of news reports on faith, education and politics. Click here - CNI - Media Review May 12

NEWS – May 12

By video Pope tells Portuguese people his Fatima visit today is pilgrimage of ‘peace and hope’  -  Labour’s draft manifesto promises to legalise abortion in Northern Ireland  -  Ulster rugby legend Ruan wants you to get on your bike for Tearfund  -  Community grant gives Connor Parish Hall a needed makeover  -  Disadvantaged communities in Burundi given major boost by Mothers' Union  -  News briefs  -  Today in Christian History. Click here - CNI -News, May 12

CNI PRESS WATCH – This latest Church of England schism has an unexpected source

The Church of England’s long schism over homosexuality and the Bible has finally burst into the open with the sudden and unexpected consecration in Newcastle of a bishop outside the Anglican hierarchy who was until last week a curate in a prosperous evangelical church. This is an open challenge to the Church of England and to the authority of the archbishops. It is impossible to ignore, but has come in a way no one was expecting, Andrew Brown writes in The Guardian. Click here - CNI -Press Watch May 12

CNI MEDIA REVIEW – May 11 @ 08.30 am

Today's Irish, GB and  international reports on faith, education and politics. Click here - CNI -Media May 11

NEWS – May 11

Mothers’ Union in Ireland begins celebration of 130 years of service  -  Ashers bakery to take gay cake case to Supreme Court  - Ministering in the Troubles and Working for Peace  - Dublin choir making third visit to Raphoe Cathedral  -  Belfast Cathedral hosts Primary school choir competition  -  C of I seminar on mental health and dementia resource  -  Primate announced for Sudan–the Anglican Communion's newest Province  -  Today in Christian History. Click here -  CNI -News May 11

CNI PRESS WATCH – Blueprint for Church schism revealed as conservative Christian leaders plot separate Anglican structure

A blueprint for schism seen by Christian Today reveals extensive plans by conservative evangelicals to form a rival Anglican structure to the Church of England in the UK, Harry Farley reports in Christian Today. Click here - CNI -Press Watch May 11

CNI MEDIA REVIEW – May 10 @ 08.15 am

Todays Irish, GB, and international reports on faith, education and politics. Click here - CNI -MEDIA REVIEW MAY 10

NEWS – May 10

Church of England investigates appointment of rogue bishop in sign of conservative breakaway  -  Methodist President, we are becoming an ageing and decreasing church  -  Wide range of church activities and views in May issue of Presbyterian Herald  -  New editor of the Church of Ireland Gazette  -  Morning of prayer in Belfast  -  Parish history of Donegore re-published  -  New rector installed for Clogher group of parishes  -  Archbishop of Canterbury denies endorsing Tory mantra  -  Pope Francis to make acting debut in Christian film  -  Today in Christian History. Click here - CNI -News May 10

CNI MEDIA REVIEW – May 9 @ 09.30

Today's Irish and GB reports on faith, education and politics. Click here - CNI -MEDIA MAY 9

NEWS – May 9

Former Bishop of Liverpool receives knighthood for his Hillsborough work  -  God and Google? Faith and Facebook? Workshop  -  C of I and Methodist church joint progress highlights challenges Synod told   -  One million pounds private loan to community groups hit by Stormont collapse  -  New Assistant Director of Music at Saint Fin Barre’s Cathedral, Cork  -  Recognition by Clinical Pastoral Education body of Cork cleric  -  News briefs including Thanksgiving service this Sunday for Dean Griffin  -  Girls’ Friendly Society to celebrate 140th anniversary  -  Former chorister Sir Ken Dodd endorses Book of Common Prayer  -  Sombre church funerals could be dying out  -  Today in Christian History. Click here -  CNI -News May 9

CNI PRESS WATCH – Why we ultimately need more religion in Northern Ireland politics, not less

The Churches would be abdicating their fundamental responsibility if they didn't give their adherents a moral lead at election time, writes Martin O'Brien, in the Belfast Telegraph. Click here - CNI -Press Watch May 9

CNI MEDIA REVIEW – May 8 @ 09.30

Todays Irish and GB reports on faith, education and politics. Click here - CNI -Media review May 8

NEWS – May 8

Global day of prayer to end famine  -  Fortify, Catholic Youth Ministry conference  -  Belfast Cathedral service to focus on childhood loss  -  Cleric to give final organ recital in current Armagh series  -  Love Britain + Ireland Awards seek nominations  -  Total immersion baptism and confirmation in C of I revival  -  Sr Stan receives ‘Social Justice Hero’ award  -  IDAHOT Services 2017  -  First major move to tackle Irish Catholic vocations crisis announced  -  Today in Christian History. Click here -  CNI -News May 8


A range of events and services. Click here - CNI -TEMPLATE copy

CNI MEDIA REVIEW – May 7 @ 12.30

Comprehensive review of today's main news stories on education, faith and politics with links. Click here - CNI Media Review May 7

CNI MEDIA REVIEW – May 6 @ 09.50 am

C of I General Synod press coverage including North-south divide in C of I over softening of same-sex union stance; GB Council election and Archbishops pastoral on general election, Trump’s meeting with the Pope. Click here - CNI Media review, May 6

NEWS – May 6

General Synod members express major concerns on Irish government proposals for admissions to C of I schools  -  Home for Good?, Report deals with issues faced by returning Irish emigrants  -  World development heavily supported in central debate at General Synod  -  New portrait of Rt Revd Walton Empey former Archbishop of Dublin  -  Christian Aid Week marks 60 years of support for people in poverty   -  Acting Bishop of London calls churches to pray for 'strangest general election in many a long year'  -  Today in Christian History. Click here -  CNI -News May 6

CNI PRESS WATCH – Waiting for an Irish politician to speak up for Christian values

Many people inside and outside the Catholic Church were glad Bishop Eamonn Casey received full honours from the Church when he died. He was, in his heyday, a charismatic and progressive figure, closely identified with the Catholic-founded development aid charity Trócaire, Dr. Martin Mansergh writes in The Irish Catholic. Check here - CNI - PRESS