Press Watch – Top economist: Unionists have been far too pessimistic about the Stormont election results

The recent Assembly election results have caused an overdone wave of pessimism among unionists, Graham Gudgin writes in the News Letter. Click here - CNI -Press Watch March 21

FAITH FOCUS – More than a number

Rob Fairborn a Presbyterian pastor/evangelist writes on farming, rural life and mission in Ireland. Click here - CNI -FAITH FOCUS March 21

CNI Media Review – March 20 at 09.00

Quick scan today’s news reports about faith, politics and education… from Ireland, and GB with links to full reports. Click here -  CNI -Media March 20

NEWS – March 20

Rising to the challenge focus of St Patrick’s Day  at Down Cathedral  -  Dublin’s Cathedrals’ Choirs sing in harmony at St Patrick’s Eve Celebration  -  Blessing of the Shamrock celebration in DIT Grangegorman  -  Annual St Patrick’s Day Civic Service in St Fin Barre’s, Cork  -  ‘Very serious’ decline in number becoming priests in Ireland  -  Egypt says Pope Francis will visit in April  =  News briefs & Upcoming events. CLICK HERE - CNI -NEWS MARCH 20

PRESS WATCH – Let’s take the easy option and burn a few Bon Secours nuns

And now it’s the turn of the Bon Secours sisters to endure an hour of national hate. Good luck, girls — and just pray the mob soon moves on elsewhere. Your deeds will probably soon slip down the register of unbearable infamy, while the national psyche seeks new targets for our traditional sport: hunting-pack hysteria, Kevin Myers in the Sunday Times. Click here - CNI -PRESS WATCH 3.20

FAITH FOCUS – Our Patron Saint has done us proud, but have we done the same for him?

By the time you read this I will hopefully be celebrating St Patrick's weekend in bright sunshine some 2,000 miles from home, but my thoughts will still be on our patron saint, writes Alf McCreary in the Belfast Telegraph.  Click here -  CNI -FAITH FOCUS 20.3

CNI MEDIA REVIEW – March 19 at 12.30

Links to today’s news reports about faith, politics and education… from Ireland and GB. Click here - CNI -Media March 19

CNI Media Review – March 18 at 09.30

Quick scan today’s news reports about faith, politics and education… from Ireland, GB and international with links to full reports. Click here - CNI -Media March 18

NEWS – March 18

Interactive snakes, boats and boots at Belfast Cathedral’s St Patrick’s event  -  Cistercian College Roscrea saved from closure by €1.5 million in pledges  -  Former Irish president’s concerns about Brexit and Europe’s refugee crisis  -  C of I’s Bishop Colton raises Mother and Baby Homes at Cork St Patricks’ Day Civic Service  -  Irish language group’s visit to Bandon C of I Parish  -  Angelina Jolie teams up with Archbishop of Canterbury on sexual violence and Sudan refugee crisis  -  Scottish Episcopal Institute launches new Journal  -  New Director for the Anglican Centre, Rome  -  News briefs & Upcoming events. Click here - CNI -News March 18

CNI PRESS WATCH – The state of the Catholic Church in contemporary Ireland

The Ireland celebrated by G.K. Chesterton in his Christendom in Dublin is no more, writes Professor John P McCarthy in The Catholic World Report. Click here - CNI -Press March 18.2

CNI MEDIA REVIEW – March 17 at 09.00

Irish at White House, Trump for Portrush for Open, Trinity students cold on unity, Brexit - Irish, GB and global news links. Click here - CNI -Media March 17

CNI PRESS WATCH – The Christians we dare not ignore

In 2014 Lizzie Lowe took her own life on wasteland near the Mersey river in Manchester. She was 14 years of age. Nobody in her family or the church they attended knew that Lizzie was gay, writes Gordon Linney in The Irish Times. Click here - CNI -Press Watch March 17.2

CNI PRESS WATCH – Something cheerful on Brexit for a change

Deal or no EU deal, Britain has little to fear, Matt Ridley writes in The Times. Click here - CNI -Press Watch March 16

CNI Media Review – March 16 at 08.30

Quick scan today’s news reports about faith, politics and education… from Ireland, GB and international with links to full reports. Click here - CNI -Media March 16


New C of I resource on supporting asylum seekers and refugees  -  Presbyterian Church reaffirms peacebuilding as key to witness by members  -  Cork Church Bells to ring out against racism  -  Easter trail activity for local churches from Bible Society  -  Three Mena ‘wide men’ raise £500  -  Train for the ministry of divine healing  -  100-dress display showcases generations of weddings at St Michael's Linlithgo  -  Pope: Conversion doesn’t happen through magic, but concrete actions  -  Six years of brutal war: World leaders must bring an end to suffering in Syria   -  News briefs & Upcoming events.  Click here - CNI -News March 16

CNI PRESS WATCH – Northern Ireland needs to revolutionise itself – but becoming a united Ireland isn’t the answer

People calling for a united Ireland like to think of themselves as being revolutionary, like a pasty Che Guevera, but the real transformation would be in breaking down the barriers that we construct between our children, Michael Hugh Walker writes in The Independent. Click here - CNI -Press March16.2

CNI PRESS WATCH – The Tablet’s take on Eamonn Casey, the bishop whose scandal changed the church in Ireland

Eamonn Casey, the former bishop of Galway and Kerry who was at the centre of a major scandal in Ireland when it emerged in 1992 that he had fathered a child and used church funds to pay maintenance, has died at the age of 89 in a rest home in Newmarket-on-Fergus in Co Clare after a long illness, Sean Smith writes in The Tablet. Click here - CNI -Press March 16.1

CNI MEDIA REVIEW – March 15 at 09.30

Bernadette McAliskey on Sinn Fein, Scots independence, Brexit poll, NAMA, Irish helicopter disaster -  Links to today’s news reports about faith, politics and education… from Ireland, GB and international. Click here - CNI -Media March 15


First ever Anglican Choral Evensong at St Peter's Basilica, Rome  -  Archbishop Eamon Martin pays tribute to Bishop Eamonn Casey  -  Presbyterian Church focus on cold calling and scams targeted at older people  -  Scottish Episcopal dioceses vote overwhelmingly to allow provision for equal marriage  -  Primus Chillingworth responds to request for second referendum on Scottish independence  -  Church of Scotland responds to second referendum request. Click here - CNI - News. March 15

CNI PRESS WATCH – As Brexit looms it suits the south to talk of reunification

Well, now. Whooping and cheering happened behind doors here and there but cavalcades did not fill the streets....Nationalists, it has been generally agreed, should shun triumphalism and be sensitive to unionists, struggling to adjust to losing their Stormont majority after almost a century. And yet up the road from Dublin, instead of the usual delicacy about unionist feelings, comes talk of planning for reunification. That’s Micheal Martin’s promised White Paper, swift on the heels of the Taoiseach across the wide Atlantic all but promising a vote for the presidency – to that trendy phenomenon the ‘diaspora’, and the Irish in the north, writes Fionnuala O’ Connor in The Irish News. Click here - CNI -Press Watch - March 15.2

CNI PRESS WATCH – Church leaders must take tougher stance over shambles at Stormont

Far be it from me to take pleasure in criticising our Church leaders who have a difficult job to do, but I think that they have misjudged the public mood in their statement on the Stormont talks, Alf McCreary writes in the Belfast Telegraph. Click here - CNI -Press Watch March 15.1

CNI Media Review – March 14 at 08.00

Quick scan today’s news reports about faith, politics and education… from Ireland, GB and international with links to full reports. Click here - CNI -Media March 14


Elvis in Eglinton a big hit with worshippers  -  Schools Singing Workshop at St Fin Barre’s Cathedral, Cork  -  Christ Church Cathedral marks 80th birthday of former Precentor  -  Bishop of Clogher’s roadshow on the Reformation  -  Rector spells it out to spray-paint hooligans  -  Maths at Mens' breakfast in Bull McCabe’s, Cork  -  Limerick trainee teachers awe-struck on visit Rome  -  Down & Dromore MU leader with Anglican women in New York for 61st annual UN Commission meeting. Click here - CNI -News March 14

CNI PRESS WATCH – Fresh evidence from the archives: When did Martin McGuinness actually leave the PIRA?

A previously unseen archival document compiled on behalf of the Conservative Party Northern Ireland Committee, dated 3 July 1975, and located in the Julian Amery Papers, Churchill Archives Centre, University of Cambridge, reveals that despite Martin McGuinness’s repeated assurances that he left the Provisional Irish Republican Army (PIRA) in 1974, senior members of the British Conservative Party and British Army believed that McGuinness was still a prominent ‘I.R.A. leader’ in Derry by the summer of 1975, to quote the aforementioned memorandum, writes Dr Stephen Kelly on Slugger O’Toole. Click here - CNI -Press Watch March 14

CNI MEDIA REVIEW – March 13 at 09.30

Links to today’s news reports about faith, politics and education… from Ireland, and GB. Click here - CNI -Media March 13


Honour St Patrick by welcoming migrants and feeding the hungry, say Catholic bishops  -  New Editor sought for the C of I Gazette  -  ‘Everybody Welcome’ training launched in Down & Dromore  -  Abaana children’s choir wins hearts at The Hub  -  Bidding for success: Maintaining and repairing places of worship  -  Field Trip to visit Presbyterian Churches in Mid-Ulster  -  Record number at Down & Dromore confirmation weekend  -  Presentation of ‘Revolutionary’ Vatican’s Women’s Consultation Group  -  News briefs & Upcoming events. Click here - CNI -News March 13

CNI PRESS WATCH – The resignation that rocked the church: How the C of E reacted to Philip North’s decision

Philip North has stepped back from his appointed role as Bishop of Sheffield amid a furious row over women bishops, writes Harry Farley. Click here - CNI -PRESS WATCH MARCH 13

CNI MEDIA REVIEW – March 11 at 10. 00 am

Links to 18 of today’s news reports from Ireland and GB about faith, politics and education…Click here - CNI -Media March 12

CNI Media Review – March 11 @ 1500

News links to reports on faith, politics and education. Click here - CNI -Media March 11


Meet the Bishop Confirmation Morning in Cork  -  Enniskillen bells to ring in solidarity  -  Irish missionary to speak on conflict transformation methods in Queen's University public lecture  -  Newbridge Gael Scoil choir raise €3,000 for Jack and Jill  -  Pope Francis says the Church should reflect on married priests  -  Four religious Sisters killed in crash in Ethiopia  -  Mission agency seeks Anglicans with a passion for global mission  -  News briefs & Upcoming events. Click here - CNI -News March 11